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Workshops for amateurs...
We offer workshops in violin making, bow making and other activities, during which you can build an instrument or a bow under the guidance of professional makers that will help you in the apprenticeship. This original experience will initiate you to the world of violin making and allow you to work together with expert instrument makers as well as bow makers, available
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  • Electric guitar course
  • Violin course
  • Violin course in Romania
  • Bow course
  • Viola da gamba course
  • Other courses

  • throughout the session to give you the necessary explanations in the making of your instrument. These two weeks of workshop will probably not allow you to finish your violin or viol, but at least a good part will be built so you could finish the instrument at home, with a maker in your area or..decide to come and spend more time with us and finish the instrument!
    For more information about the workshops, click on this link and or visit the Photo Galleries.

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