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Maple, flamed maple Maple, flamed maple Spruce, epicea
We sell only wood coming from European countries and mainly acoustic Epicea and flamed maple specially cut for musical instruments. All our cuts are identified, bear an inventory number and are classified according to our own system that allows us to date each piece of wood, know where it comes from and offer you cuts from the same tree. So, on each piece you will find information on the origin of the tree, when it was

cut, and quality specifications.

Spruce (epicea):
It is selected as a tree in the most interesting areas of Jura; the trees are individated in August and cut in the beginning of the following winter and sawn (or ax cut) as soon as possible. The trees usually come from the high hills of "Risoux", "Mont-Noir" or "Forêt du Massacre", between 1 000 and 1 300 meters of altitude. We also carry epicea coming from Switzerland, Italy ("Val di Fiemme") or Romania.

Flamed maple:
We "hunt" for it everywhere in the East of France, from Laon to Gap…but also in Switzerland, in the Romanian Carpath mountains or in Bosnia.
As wine collectors would do, we collect wood coming from a variety of areas. No doubt you will be able to find - in the wide selection we offer - a large choice of characteristics and the wood most adapted to the instrument you would like to make.

Maple and Spruce (Epicea) are usually cut in wedges then naturally air-dried.

Other types are available :
Willow, Pear, Prune, Linden, Service tree, Alder, Apple, Sycamore, Boxwood, Holly, Sorb tree ( estimate sent on request)

We offer in our sawmill in Fertans more than 2 000 pieces for violins and violas and about 200 for cellos (maple and spruce) and other pieces for harpsichords, guitars, hurdy gurdies, etc.
The wood is classified in 6 different quality type; in the higher qualities (1S & 1X) we only have fresh cut wood. Seasoned qualities (5 years or more) are available in class 1A, 1B or 2°.

We welcome you from Monday to Saturday, from 9 AM to 5 PM. (appointment is preferable)

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