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Our main activity is preparing wood for the making of musical instruments, but we also offer other services :
  We sell wood for cabinet making, decorations or lathe works ... , curly maple, walnut, sycomore, pear, boxwood, holly etc ...
For this activity, we work in collaboration with the the Sawmill Leblanc F- 25610 Arc et Senans.( tel : +33.(0)
  We offer conferences intended for professionals in the field of violin making and/ or students :
- The use of various European wood.
- How to cut wood for violin making.
- About wood mass volume.
  We are at present conducting experimentation on the influence of the moon on the various qualities of wood... We'll talk about this later.
  Some meetings are in preparation:
- About Viola da Gamba ... to be followed !
During these meetings, we usually treat the public to a concert in à Fertans.
  Our workshop is poen to violin makers who wish to get together for professional training ...

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